I am a Real Estate Investor.  I graduated from San Francisco State University.  I am a US Army Veteran. And I speak English.
As an investor it is my desire to help families find a house where they can have the joy of the American dream, a house they can own and call it their home.
At the present, the most common way to buy a house is to get a bank loan and that is available to only 18% of the people who apply.  The rest of us is left out in the cold.  There are some who can rent a house but they are making the payment for the landlords.
I am here to offer you an alternative, the opportunity to buy a house WITHOUT A BANK LOAN.  There are multiple ways to buy a house but the most common way is with a bank loan.  Those I work with will learn that there are other ways and they are legal because I use an attorney or a title company to complete the transaction.