www.RealEstateMentor.co was Founded by Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D. Doc Haller is CEO, Real Estate Mentor Co. + Real Estate Mentor, Real Estate Expert, Real Estate Keynote Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Author, Real Estate Trainer, Licensed California Real Estate Broker (over 25 years), and Licensed California Contractor for 20 years.

Dr. Howard Edward Haller has Private 1×1 Real Estate Mentoring and Small Group Real Estate Investing Mentoring Program

Dr. Howard Edward Haller “Doc” has successfully mentored over 100 Real Estate Investors from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and China on Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Residential “Buy – Fix – Flips,” and Land Development .

Doc Haller is a seasoned and successful Real Estate Investor, R.E. Developer & Licensed California Real Estate Broker for 25+ years

He is a Commercial & Residential Real Estate Expert & Real Estate Mentor
Doc  has successfully Mentored over 100 R.E. Mentees in the US & Canada
Licensed California Engineering & General Contractor for 20 years.
Build over 2 Million Sq. Ft. of Commercial Buildings,
Built several Tracts of New S.F. Homes &  has done 100+ remodeling projects
Doc Haller personally managed $4 Billion of Commercial Real Estate
Personally been involved with $465 Million in real estate transactions in the U.S. & Canada
He has personally structured & placed over $1.57 Billion in Commercial Real Estate Loans
University Professor & University Trustee & Past Major Unversity Board President
Member of Editorial Peer Review Board of        
   “The International Journal of Servant Leadership"

A Private Real Estate Investment Mentorship Program with Dr. Haller involves hours of personalized phone coaching, access to Dr. Haller’s webinars on Real Estate, and a selected opportunity to participate in a “1×1″ In-the-Field Intensive with Dr. Haller.

A private customized 1×1 mentorship with Dr. Haller includes learning items such as:
1.Phone coaching, prior to the 1×1 3-day field mentoring
2. In-the-Field evaluating skills
3.Learn how to inspect property
4.how to establish necessary investment criteria
5.Meet with real estate brokers
6.Meet potential real estate lender(s) or mortgage broker(s)
7.Learn inside techniques for building a group of private Lenders of your own
8.Meet with property owner(s)
9.How to structure deals
10. How to write offers on properties
11.How to prepare for due diligence of accepted offers