Since 1978, Real Goods has led the sustainable living market through sales, education, and installation of solar and other renewable energy products. As the original and most experienced solar installer we are ideally positioned to install solar on your home or business.

Established in 1978
Our Story
The Goods on Real Goods

For over 30 years Real Goods has led the Sustainable Living market through sustainable lifestyle products, education and expert solar installation. Many of the people in the solar industry today got their start by taking classes at our Solar Living Center, or by reading the Solar Living Sourcebook.  We have a rich and vibrant history pioneering this industry, and we plan to continue making history as innovations take solar to newer and loftier heights.

From its humble beginnings in 1978, Real Goods became a Real Business, with Real Employees serving Real Customers. The company now can lay claim to the title of the Oldest and Largest catalog firm devoted to the sale and service of renewable energy products in the world. Early on, John managed to turn his personal commitment to right livelihood into company policy, pioneering the concept of a socially conscious and environmentally responsible business.