Real Water® is the Only Stable Alkalized, Negative ORP, Antioxidant Water on the market today.
Through a proprietary process called the Electron Energized Technology or E² Technology®, Real Water®
has figured out how to maintain and stabilize the Negative (-) Oxidation Reduction Potential. Our E² Technology® adds hundreds of millions of free electrons to the water that are both stable and natural. This changes the water from Positive (+) Ionized (which is bad) to Negative (-) Ionized (which is good). The transformation is measured in millivolts (mV) by an ORP meter. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. When the water is negatively (-) Ionized, it un-clumps and actually becomes an Antioxidant Water that actively looks for and neutralizes Free Radicals! Additionally, your cells Aquaporin's (cell gate keepers) will eagerly accept the negatively (-) Ionized un-clumped molecules on a cellular level and provide your body maximum hydration.