Real Brazil Travel is a travel agency specializing in tailor-made eco-luxury vacations. We focus on serving Brazil's Northeast region, offering the best beach destinations, unique boutique hotels in Brazil, custom tours, and much more.  We believe the real luxury vacation today is having time to ourselves. In Northeast Brazil relaxation and solitude will be the only thing in your schedule.

We specialize in authentic & less touristy towns with opportunities to connect with local residents, as well as luxury and VIP transport, itineraries, accomodations, and amenities.

You will not see hotel chains on our list of featured hotels.   Each one we recommend is a boutique hotel, many with only a small number of rooms offering you an intimate, comfortable, and unique stay.    Hotel partners are selected based on my first hand experience of staying with them as guests.   We only choose locally owned properties which focus on responsible and sustainable practices both environmentally and economically.  

Each has demonstrated a strong commitment to service, and all feature English speaking staff.  Many of the properties are eco-friendly & designed to co-exist with their natural surroundings with a keen eye for rustic-chic design.  Most employ local staff, and enable you to experience Brazil in a very special way.  All of the hotels offer a number of additional amenities including ground transfers, guided tours, and the ability to connect guests with the local community.

We’ll give you objective, personalized recommendations.  We’ll tell you which rooms are the best of the properties, which are worth the upgrade(s), and even which are the ones the celebrities have stayed at (there are a few).   We’ll give you an idea of their settings, the food, and the staff/ownership of the hotels as well.

Visit us at www.realbraziltravel.com, www.twitter.com/realbraziltravl  or (512) 795-9895