Welcome to Realpoint
Realpoint is a UK based company specialising in Italian real estate. We have an extensive presence throughout Italy. Realpoint provides a wide range of real estate consulting services to investors and developers we provide the marketing expertise to successfully sell our partners’ developments. We often work alongside the developer throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, from the initial risk assessment, design, approval of plans and finally the marketing and sales.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of consulting services in the industry.

During the ten years we have been present in the Italian real estate market, we have built up a network of trusted, reliable Italian agents. This has benefits for your company, knowing that you are dealing with reliable partners, in a market notoriously difficult to operate in.

The second benefit of our Italian network of agents and architects is that we can offer our partners a number of investment opportunities that are not publicised on the international market, but are known by a restricted number of people only. This could be anything from a large tracts of land by the coast for development, an historical villa in Venice, a five star hotel in Florence or a vineyard in Sicily.

For your investors, we also have solid relationships with local politicians in the councils where many of our green field development sites are located. This is true also for the large estates we have that can be re-developed. It is important in Italy that a good relationship is established at a local level,  the backing of the local council reduces delay and provides more options for the developer and the project.

We are able to locate real estate on requests given clients’ requirements, if we do not already have something to match in our database, we would find an appropriate property, given a short period of time.