1. Evaluate the property and determine an accurate rental rate.
2.Market the Property for Rent
3. Tenant screening and selection.
4. Tenant move in.
5. Rent collection.
6. Evictions.
7. Legal.
8. Inspections.
9. Financial.
10. Maintenance, repairs,  and remodeling.
11. Tenant move out.
Fee schedule is 8% of the total gross receipts to include rent, security deposit, late fees etc. to
be collected at the beginning of each month. If the property is not producing income we are
not being paid.

Our Commitment:
o Lease the property in the shortest amount of time
o l00% Transparency
o Be available by phone, email, text to owner and tenant
o Uphold the highest level of integrity
. Get the job done
. Doing our best to communicate with owner and tenants