Hello my name is Chris Mapleleaf from Boston Massachusetts. I wrote this press release because I wanted to tell my story in case I can help someone like myself to prevent stress and disappointment when trying to obtain a modification.

I was behind like 18 months and I received a notice of Trustee for Jan 22 2012. I called Realty Law Center cause received some information through mail. When I called I spoke with a Gentleman by the name if Francisco Salvat, Who I have to say was very professional through the entire process. I mean there wasnt a time that Francisco Salvat never called me back, always on top of things. Anyhow I hired Realty law center to file an emergency postponement to prevent my auction which cost me about 1500 for the retainer and 895 a month for as long as I wanted to stay in the house upto like 2 and half years. Once I completed the postponement with them, they encourage me to do a loan modification again, which of course I didnt want to at first because I had gone through all kinds of problems with my lender which is Bank of America, and after speaking with Francisco Salvat he put the situation of mine in a clear path, So I paid realty law center 3750.00 to do my loan modification. Now here is the kicker, Francisco Salvat told me that if they were not able to get the modification done that I would receive a full refund minus attorney fees for the hours put in, which was fine. So I did it.

So 6 Months later and a ton of phone calls and emails which would cost so much money with another attorney who bills by the hour. They got my loan modified. They brought my interest rate to 3%, my monthly payment dropped from 2208 down to 1285 with taxes and insurance. They got me a principale reduction of 94,000.00 which put about 20k of equity back into my property. I have to say these guys are awesome and I see why they have an "A" rating with the BBB. They go a step and beyond to help their clients and never leave them in the dark. I hope this story has help others in their search for a good law firm. The guy I dealt with which i recommend is Francisco Salvat, he can be reach at 561-809-4716 or 949-297-6346 he is the district manager for Realty law center.

Good luck and God Bless.
Christopher mapleleaf