I like to call myself a Blogger, better yet, a Social Analyst. I'm Justin McKnight, and on the ReasonableDose.com I try to show everyone that, "all change is not,  good change." And what we see is now what we must accept.

Everything is up for debate and discussion. The daily trip to the supermarket, where the woman that couldn't control her kids made your shopping visit just agonizing. The guy that cut you off, or didn't let you merge on the expressway, he's a jerk yes, but did you over react, and how can you help people like that to be a bit more Reasonable?

Heavier topics like, the mindset of an alcoholic family member and why you can't get through to them.  Why women more frequently pick losers for mates and subject themselves to an intolerable existence, all the while seeming confused about how they got there in the first place.

All of these things and everything in between are discussed on the blog at www.ReasonableDose.com.

I love discussing what's happened in my life. I'll always do this in the most open and transparent ways I think of. Knowing that many of us are experiencing the same things, both horrible and incredible people. Catastrophic things happen to us, along with some of the greatest experiences we could have ever asked for happen to us all.

I want to cover them all, and T.R.E.A.D. Lightly with you.

T – TELL your position. (Here is what I think!)
R – REAFFIRM your position. (I knew I was right! I was just checking!)
E – EXPLORE your position. (Am I missing anything?)
A – ALTER your position. (Whoa. Never in a million years!)
D – DISCOVER your position. (Oh, that’s what I think! I had no idea!)

Let's go on this journey together. TEAM REASON is growing. I know there are more people are out there. They just need a vehicle to discuss things, ways to figure out how they can impact the world. No matter how small the change, they are looking for positive change. Positive Change Alone can help us!

Come Check us out at www.ReasonableDose.com