Reasons to Dress.com is the personal blog of Angie, a new mom and Canadian expat living in Modena, Italy.   The blog features weekly Real Mom Street Style photos and highlights the differences between the North American and Italian social lives of new parents.  

Site Description: A blog written in English for a broad English speaking audience.  Mothers interested in fashion, living in Europe and life in Europe.    

Audience: Mainly young mothers aged from 25 – 45, living in English speaking countries.  Interested in fashion, travel, high quality goods and  "deals". They are fashion and budget savvy and also do some International travel.


Outfits:  I feature my own outfits providing links to products I wear.  Each outfit is connected to a “reason that I dressed” where I link to an event description.

Reasons to Dress:  I feature in-depth event descriptions from around Italy and Europe.  Focusing on child and family-friendly events.

Fashion Foresight®:  A trademarked term I developed to describe shopping at least 6 months in-advance of an upcoming season.  I describe how to use trend analysis to make the proper purchases.

Real Mom Street Style: A link up street style category featuring only new moms or pregnant women.

Things I love:  I am an avid product researcher and a "spokesperson" for the products I love, here I post full product reviews.