We are A&R Executives and Hit Music Producers and Songwriters
who have written for a number of "A" List Platinum Recording Artists. Collectively we decided to utilize our resources and record label connections to broker record deals for both Independent Artist and Established Artists that are looking for a new label landing spot.


We give Artists the opportunity to submit their music through the website, then access whether they possess enough talent to broker a record deal for them.

Our ultimate goal is to get Music Artists signed to record labels that fit for their music style and genre.

We Broker the deals for them and as a result, we take a one-time Broker fee once the Record Deal is secured.

Some of the other perks are:
The Artists that are chosen will get signed to one of our major affiliate Management companies and booking agencies.

What is the Process?
Artist Submit their Music through our Submissions Page.
We access the Artists Talent, and marketability and If we are interested we will call the singer for a interview and to discuss the process going further. Based on the interview coupled with other variables, we will decide whether to submit the talent to one of our Record Label Partners.

Some artists’ may not have all the tools in place to be ready for a record deal, but might be worthy of Development. We will consider those artists.