I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the easiest to use recruiting tool since the advent of the telephone!  Designed to maximize profits while streamlining the recruitment process, RecruiterBuddy is a must have tool for the modern day recruiter!

RecruiterBuddy is an integrated "on demand" software package specifically designed "by" recruiters "for" recruiters.  Our system is by far the easiest contact management and research tool currently available with no software to download or servers to maintain.   No matter where you are worldwide, if you can access the internet then you can login to your database and get to work!  RecruiterBuddy even allows for mobile access on the iPhone or Blackberry.   RecruiterBuddy comes standard with a resume parser and online "sleuth" which will automatically search the internet for candidate resumes specific to your search terms.

The RecruiterBuddy commitment is to provide ongoing friendly customer service to recruiters while increasing their placement rates and simplifying customer relationship management and client management.  RecruiterBuddy can be easily integrated to work with Outlook  for email and calendar solutions or users can utilize the built in applications as well.  The cohesive nature of RecruiterBuddy creates a background of shared information between your companies management, recruiters, and administrative departments that promotes productivity and increased placement potential.   A fully customizable system, RecruiterBuddy can be optimized to meet your companies specific and unique needs.  

Our friendly support and training staff partners with your firm throughout the entire process to ensure that your staff is fully trained and any concerns are addressed promptly.  Ongoing customer satisfaction is our top priority.  

The RecruiterBuddy system offers a month to month (per user) payment option with no commitment that can be cancelled at any time, or RecruiterBuddy can also be purchased outright.  Our terms are very flexible and our interest is to create a partnership that will prove we are number one in service!  If you have been considering a new method of candidate management but haven't explored the idea any further due to costs and the current economic climate, I would encourage you to give us a call! RecruiterBuddy will schedule a demo with your company and also allow for a free trial!  
Additional information and demo scheduling is available on our website!  www.RecruiterBuddy.com