Recruiting Sports Network was developed by a former college head coach to connect athletes and college coaches in the recruiting process by providing the key missing piece – the ability for athletes and their coaches to regularly upload their full game/competition videos for immediate viewing by college coaches.

By doing so, athletes will gain a big advantage and cut through the numerous limitations related to college coaches’ ability to adequately observe and evaluate their performances.

College coaches typically base their recruiting decisions on FULL GAME/COMPETITION evaluations and highlight videos aren’t sufficient to provide them with the perspective to make an adequate assessment of an athlete. We also enable coaches to more efficiently manage their recruiting time and budget by enabling them to qualify prospects athletically and academically prior to committing the time and expense of traveling to see them in person.

We enable athletes and their coaches to avoid the DVD copying and mailing hassle and expense. By utilizing our video library, college coaches can cut through the numerous hurdles which they regularly face to easily and economically observe and evaluate athletes in a full game setting.

RSN expands the recruiting footprint for college coaches to include prospects from the entire U.S. as well as from around the world.

Traditional means of both delivering and obtaining full competition videos is costly, work intensive and time consuming for coaches and athletes. However, by utilizing RSN:

-Athletes’ videos can be directly uploaded from a variety of devices and sources enabling them to provide college coaches’ with immediate access to their full game videos.
-College coaches have the flexibility to view games directly on RSN or download them to various devices to watch at their convenience.
-College coaches will also have access to athletes’ profiles of key personal, athletic and academic info.
-Athletes will be able to upload a copy of their transcript which is also a very critical item for college coaches in the recruiting process.

RSN is truly a game changing solution to the college recruiting process for both athletes and coaches.