The Red Ball Drills® is a groundbreaking program which extends well beyond standard table-top exercises. It is a comprehensive safety and security review process, utilizing proprietary methodology for true all hazards assessment, analysis, and continued improvement.

The unique and proven Red Ball Drills® approach is changing the face of training for Active Shooter scenarios and is also in use extensively in the US and Internationally for all crisis events as diverse as Workplace Violence, Sexual Assault, Extreme Weather, and Event Crowd Management, to name a few. Scenarios are site-specific and geared toward the unique culture of each location.

Our consultants lead realistic “live” scenarios (along with in-depth process and policy discussions in real-time) to identify critical areas for improvements – all in a cooperative and process-oriented environment. This approach empowers participants instead of testing them. This provides a significantly better learning approach, and a more actionable set of recommendations which will help build a culture of safety without adding any “fear factor.”