Founded in 2008, Red Energy was established on the principles of delivering excellence to every client. We are a boutique agency with 20+ years of experience that assists non-profits, corporations and governmental entities.

​We offer an integrated approach between public relations, advertising and events that builds awareness and visibility for your organization. Our professionals do this through creating and implementing effective branding and communication strategies. ​

Why the name Red Energy? Red signifies our passion behind what we do paired with the drive to take the next step. Our firm harnesses energy‘s core characteristics, enabling us to provide powerful messaging, dynamic solutions and products in transforming ways. ​ ​

Our logo, the atom, embodies how we view our work. Atoms are nothing without relationships with other atoms. The bonds built with intertwining atoms create matter. Just like atoms, we develop strong relationships with clients, audiences and with the world around us to produce what is important to your organization. When two atoms collide substance is created. Let us create so your business can thrive.