Red Level Networks is a full service Infrastructure Solutions company which designs, installs and provides ongoing network support for small and medium sized businesses. Red Level Networks is a Certified Microsoft Partner in the specialty of Infrastructure Solutions. Red Level Networks has over 50 years of combined technical experience providing solutions in the area of network infrastructure and has been serving its client base since 2001. Red Level Networks is privately owned, debt free Limited Liability Corporation.

Small and medium-sized businesses have long been the bread and butter of the economy in Southeast Michigan. Red Level Networks provides infrastructure solutions for these types of businesses that might not be able to afford a full-time IT staff.   The executives at Red Level have been working together to provide solutions for this region since 2001; and they take pride in their reputation as a service-oriented company with highly knowledgeable, experienced and committed professionals.  

Red Level's information technology services focus on network and systems infrastructure consulting. The company's expertise with the systems integration of data networks allows it to offer a complete solutions package to its customers.   Red Level engineers each have more than 10 years experience with WAN and LAN operations. They offer customers a comprehensive site assessment and system overview that provide a very detailed and thorough analysis of the overall infrastructure performance, including complete procedures and recommendations for remediation or improvements.

Red Level's objective is to satisfy the need for access to these information technology services without creating a network infrastructure so big and complex that management and administration drive up the real cost of ownership. Red Level has the know-how to recommend and implement solutions that meet the business objectives of the principals involved and prepare the company for growth. Red Level's ability to identify and implement the right solution time after time has been a driving factor in the great success of the company and its customers.

Red Level offers information technology services 24/7, 365 days per year. Such services include hardware and software installation, hardware and software maintenance, networking, training, migrations, IT project planning,security audits, assessments, planning and design, installation and configuration, multi-system integration, performance analysis and ongoing network management. With experience, training and certifications in such diverse systems as Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, 3Com, HP, Dell, Compaq, Nortel/Bay Networks and others, Red Level is able to ensure that customers have reliable and efficient technology at their fingertips. Red Level's experience and past successes give customers the confidence that they have exceptionally reliable personnel who will be able to solve all their problems as a result of one call.

Red Level Networks was founded by David King. Mr. King has more than 16 years experience in the IT field. He has provided consulting and integration services for the United States Navy, SBC, United States Coast Guard, Detroit Public Schools, City of Detroit, Melody Farms, Atlas Oil, Aztec Manufacturing and many more organizations. Red Level is a member of the Livonia Chamber of Commerce, a Cisco Authorized Reseller and a Certified Microsoft Partner.