At ReddishClub, we want to offer users the proper information they are looking for.To many sites provide information on a broad scale. We already heard that stuff folks.

We are here to give you the local stuff. The news on your doorstep. The gossip in the street. The football chat that turned to a roar in the pub.

We supply many forms of incoming information. Some from you the user.
You can report with us and maby one day your report could appear on our home pages.

In a return to people reporting their passions, and helping the site run more smoothly we aim to provide thissite free of charge to the user. We offer our recommendations to only the best software that are known to have a high respect. But of course their is no charge ever needed by the user. Users may be given an option to use a recomended program which incures a charge or sign-up but this is well highlighted before any progress is made.

We want you to enjoy the site so help others enjoy it with you.