Reel Roots Folk Music Alliance was formed with the sole purpose of bringing traditional music from Ireland and the UK to the Cincinnati area. RRFMA hopes to team up with other local organizations and local venues to promote the music.

We are currently in the process of planning some great events! If you own or manage a local venue interested in hosting a performance, or if  you are a musician, agent, or band interested in performing in the Cincinnati area, please contact us.

Cincinnati native Kristen Kirby is the owner of a local website design company and lover of all things music. Over the last twelve years Kristen has formed many business relationships and friendships within the Celtic music world and has had the privilege to travel throughout the US touring with many of her musician friends and clients. Her travels have allowed her to experience amazing folk music all over the country, and have helped inspire Kristen to bring some of this wonderful culture and music back home to Cincinnati.

In early 2010, after many years of thought forming and planning, Kristen launched Reel Roots Folk Music Alliance with the hope of raising awareness and appreciation for the traditional music of  Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales in the Cincinnati area. When asked what inspired her to form RRFMA, Kristen responded:

“I have always been passionate about my Scottish heritage, and have loved the music and culture from the folk world for as long as I can remember. As a child, I remember taping Celtic music on the local NPR stations on cassettes (they had those back then) and making music mixes to listen to on my Walkman. Over the years I have formed many friendships with musicians, agents, and organizers in the industry. I have been on many tours and attended many concerts and festivals, however, through all of my travels and all of the events I have attended, very few have been in the Greater Cincinnati area. There just aren’t very many organizations in the area who are able to host concerts here anymore. I decided that with my connections both with international folk musicians and in Cincinnati, I should be the one to change that.”

Kristen plans to organize some fantastic shows and events in the upcoming months and looks forward to bringing some culture, fun and entertainment to Cincinnati area.