Reem Lebanese restaurant is the first Lebanese catering provider in the whole area of Bedfordshire.  It’s owned and run by Lebanese family.  It provides an outstanding experience to the visitor.

The Lebanese Cuisine combines the sophistication and subtleties of European cuisines with the exotic ingredients of the Middle and Far East. Most often foods are grilled, baked or sauted in olive oil; butter or cream is rarely used other than in a few desserts. The meals are full of robust, earthy flavours and, like most Mediterranean countries; much of what the Lebanese eat is dictated by the seasons and it focuses on herbs, spices and the freshness of ingredients; the assortment of dishes and combinations are almost limitless.  

Reem Lebanese Café & Restaurant offers a full catering service for all the functions: large Shisha Bar at rear garden, Belly Dancer Nights, extensive range of Lebanese Starters–Mezzes, fresh Lebanese Salads, wide selection of Lebanese Charcoal Grilles, tender roasted Shawerma, mixture of Lebanese Sandwiches, selection of Sea Food, variety of Sweets & Deserts, freshly Squeezed Juices and wide range of Hot & Cold Drinks.

Reem Restaurant also caters and provides individual/ separate area for privet parties. The atmosphere is very modern, sophisticated and romantic. Dress Code: Smart.