Reemarkit is a market place where you can give your forgotten stuff another chance. Anything on Reemarkit can get a second chance, those things that are un-valuable to you might be precious to others.

Its mission is to make the economy-of-things in which people live, the economy-of sharing-things. We live in a world of sharing; millions of ideas and information are shared instantly every hour. On the contrary the economy of-things is still anchored to its traditional scheme of individual consumption. Reemarkit wants to make the sharing-of-things the new way of consumption; extracting more value from our things, giving them a longer life and making the world more fair, sustainable and fun.

Every transaction in Reemarkit is set through Reemarks. You can earn remarks by selling your old stuff to others and you can get more by inviting your friends to join Reemarkit and by listing stuff you want to give away.