Searching for ways to ease suffering from major challenges you face as the caregiver of a family member with a mental disorder? Do you find yourself longing for more peace, joy and relief from stress? Then you have come to the right place!

Reflect • Relate • Renew is the newsletter written expressly for YOU, the family caregiver of a relative with a mental illness. It is also for you if you are the adult child or spouse of someone in cognitive decline.  If so, you are one of the thousands of family caregivers of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s patients.

You know just how difficult it is! You are tasked with finding services, and you are facing challenges that come from handling the emotional, financial and legal matters that take a toll on you. It is for you—whether you are the spouse, sibling, parent and/or grandparent of someone with a mental disorder or a cognitive disorder.

Since the stress you are under can lead to anxiety, feeling burdened, depression and illness, one of our major concentrations is self-care for caregivers. This is our emphasis, and can help you deal with the ostracism, loneliness, and lack of social supports that arise from your situation.

In addition, mental illness contributes to parenting issues, sibling problems, school problems, and problems with law enforcement. This creates needed parenting guidance that will help you overcome these issues and create more peace and joy in your home.

Because you are keenly aware of the toll your life situation can have on your relationship, another emphasis is on relationship problems and solutions. Learn how to work together with your partner— to be better than you are apart if the two of you are parenting a mentally ill child, taking care of a mentally ill adult relative, or an elderly parent with dementia.

Also, since the caregiver of a mentally ill relative can experience a major balancing act between work and home, it magnifies the necessity for work life solutions—another one of our topics.

This online magazine is for you if you find yourself looking for comfort and want to come out the other side with more hope, flexibility and strength—in short, with more resilience. You are facing the many challenges that come with being a caregiver, and through it all, you’re trying to remember not to drop you out of the equation. No one needs to tell you that you are managing too much!

The ideas presented in the newsletter are like food that nurtures and leads to growth. Some focus on deep transformation and an empowered you. Others focus on very practical issues like finding solutions to some of the family problems you face every day—the ones that sometimes seem insurmountable.

Reflect • Learn journaling and utilize different assessment tools that uncover your own needs and feelings. Explore soul-level insights that increase your clarity. Enjoy self-discovery and notice how you have grown as a result of your experiences. Determine ways and means for self-empowerment and action steps you can take. Develop a more beneficial outlook about your family problems and in the process, build your resilience.

Relate • Learn how to create a loving, healthy relationship with your partner, how to bring up children that will be ready for adulthood (even as they face challenges from a mental disorder or from being the sibling of such a child), and get tips on helping elderly parents with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia.

Renew • Renew yourself. Identify ways to navigate difficult challenges so you emerge resilient and wiser than before. Nurture friendships. Honor your need for recreation. Learn meditation and develop spiritual practices. Revisit these avenues for renewal and self-care which bring joy, peace, energy, and relaxation to your life–varied approaches that help you feel enlivened, re-charged, and refreshed—ready to begin anew.

Finally, have questions about the mental disorder your family member is dealing with? You’ve come to the right place if you want to build your understanding of mental disorders.  

Our magazine inspires and educates, enabling you to re-enter a state of balance.

Living Your Resilient Life Starts Now!

We look forward to helping you create more beneficial outcomes for your family problems and to making this heart-felt journey with you!