With over 20 years of business management and mentoring experience, I am a registered level 7 career development professional (RCDP) and a freelance business coach. I help small business owners improve their mental resilience, communication, leadership skills, productivity, and well-being within the workplace. I also work as a career consultant specialising in working with those in the creative industries, where I coach and mentor actors, creatives, and media professionals on many things, including how to network and find their niche in the competitive market.

In addition, I am the managing director of Reflections Talent Agency, which specialises in representing actors for TV, film and commercials, who specialise in stunts, fights and motion capture. I have built a reputation for providing quality, hardworking talent to productions such as Mission Impossible, Den of Thieves 2, Dungeons and Dragons, and Operation Fortune and many more!

Passionate about career education, mindfulness and mental health awareness. I also enjoy networking, connecting with companies and individuals, and creating LMI resources for schools and colleges to build awareness of the vast number of exciting roles in the creative industries.

I have made it my life's work to help individuals in the creative industries achieve their full potential. Drawing on my years of experience in the entertainment industry, I am equipped to offer sound advice and proven strategies that are tailored to each client's unique needs and goals.