Reflective Solutions Ltd was formed in 1998 as a specialist application performance testing consultancy, and has been assuring application performance ever since. Reflective is dedicated to providing software and services that allow our clients to protect and increase their brand and revenue. We enable this by ensuring our clients' clients never experience performance problems or outages with the system our clients provide.

Our enterprise-level performance testing tool - StressTesterâ„¢ - is recognised by industry analysts, testing consultancies and end users as being the easiest to use and most fairly licensed available - allowing adopters to get up to speed very quickly and deliver real ROI in a matter of days.

Our packaged services - providing known outcomes for our clients in fixed timescales and with fixed costs - deliver real business benefit in typically just one or two weeks.

Our Sentinel software and services offer application performance monitoring and alerting solutions unlike any other, with the ability to monitor the availability, functionality and performance of web-based applications from the perspectives of the users and the underlying systems.