At Refresco Music, we are dedicated to empowering a new generation of artists and musicians. Led by the talented and acclaimed producer/composer Toby Sandoval, our full-service music production company and independent record label offers a range of services to help aspiring singers thrive in the music industry.

With a focus on building careers and promoting talent, we provide comprehensive support to artists at every stage of their musical journey. Whether you're a budding singer looking to take the first step towards a successful career or an established artist seeking to expand your reach, Refresco Music is here to guide you.

Our services encompass various aspects of the music industry, including digital media, film and TV, radio commercials, and corporate branding. With our expertise in these areas, we ensure that your music is not just limited to audio platforms but also extends its reach to visual media. By incorporating your songs into films, TV shows, commercials, and corporate branding initiatives, we help you gain exposure and connect with a wider audience.

As an independent record label, Refresco Music offers artists the opportunity to release their songs on popular music platforms. We understand the importance of visibility and work tirelessly to ensure your music reaches the right ears. Whether it's digital streaming services or physical distribution, we have the industry connections required to get your music heard.

With Toby Sandoval at the helm, Refresco Music is built on a commitment to excellence. Our team comprises talented professionals with years of experience in the music industry. From songwriting and production to recording and mastering, we ensure that every aspect of your music is handled with utmost care and attention to detail.

At Refresco Music, we believe in the power of music to transform lives and touch hearts. We strive to create a nurturing environment where artists can express themselves freely and explore their creative potential. Through collaborations, mentorship programs, and workshops, we encourage artists to push boundaries and continuously evolve their craft.

Let Refresco Music be your partner in shaping your music career. Join us in empowering a new generation of artists and let your songs resonate with the world. Together, we can create music that inspires, uplifts, and connects. Contact us today and embark on a journey towards success in the music industry.