Regal Gifts Corporations uses new social networking technology to reinvent their business model and achieve unprecedented growth


Barrie, ON Oct. 20/09 Who would have thought that the Regal Gifts catalogue, which has been a Canadian tradition since it started in Toronto in 1928, would be a social networking pioneer with one of Facebooks most popular Canadian business pages now boasting 5,000 active members.


“I don’t know of any other company that uses the power Facebook to the extent that Regal does as our communication hub and daily meeting place” said Regal CEO Greg Neath.


It was the summer of 2007 with Regal staff working hard to regain customer trust following financial difficulties that lead to business disruptions and service issues that the company decided that Facebook would be the communication tool that would help them regain this trust.


“The reason it works so well is that staff and other customers can answer questions on the site that are seen by the thousands of members” said Neath. “You prove your authenticity and gain trust with each interaction on Facebook and every member and their friends can see your commitment to helping”


Regal is one Canada’s first Direct Selling brands meaning that the products are sold through catalogues distributed by Independent Sales Reps across Canada, much like Avon. The Facebook page has become the meeting place that thousands of Reps visit daily and it has helped Regal to exceed 300 weekly new Independent Sales Reps joining the firm along with their web site


“It’s a great tool for us in being able to bridge distances and now Reps from across Canada have become friends through Facebook, sharing information and ideas to help each other succeed” said Neath. “This isn’t some useless fan page for a faceless corporation but an active and flowing discussion board which requires everyone from the CEO to all our staff to constantly monitor and answer posting.”


“It’s exciting to be part of an 80 year old brand that is using social networking, including YouTube and on-line videos, better than most startups or larger brands. It shows that Canadian companies can innovate as well as any”


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