Regroup offers a one-click multi-platform emergency notification and group messaging system that can send out messages via: email, text message/SMS, voice broadcast, your own website (embeds, message boards), RSS, pagers and mobile devices, and even social media like Facebook and Twitter.

3 Reasons to choose Regroup:

1.) Easy and Effective

A user-friendly interface and “One-Click” messaging insure you get your message through the right way, the first time, every time!

- Faster Incident Response Times
- One-Click Multi-Platform Messaging
- Unlimited Users & Messages
- Easily Create & Organize Groups
- Works with Existing Infrastructure

2.) Manageable and Flexible

With the most competitive pricing model, built in Non-Emergency Notification and integration with virtually any system, Regroup is a true value proposition.

- Most Cost-Effective Solution
- Self-Managed User Accounts
- Perfect for Day-to-Day Messaging
- Local Website Integration
- Seamless Database Integration

3.) Secure and Reliable

When reaching people means saving lives, you need a system that works! Regroup offers Best-of-Breed security and uptime.

- Fully-Hosted Turnkey Solution
- Access from Any Location
- Redundant Servers (5 Datacenters)
- Secure, Encrypted Access
- Unparalleled 24/7 Support

For more information on how Regroup can help your organization, contact inquiries[at]regroup.com or 775-476-8710. We cater to schools, government agencies, corporations, non-profits and more. Request a demo today!