Reilly Foam Corporation has been servicing the needs of the fabricated foam industry since 1972, when the company was established by Charles J. Reilly, the founder and CEO. Today Reilly Foam has locations in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Florida (with other locations coming soon) and an experienced work force that proudly serves our domestic and international clientele.

Reilly Foam utilizes approximately 400,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space containing various state of the art fabricating machinery. These computerized saws and automated presses, combined with our diverse laminating abilities and high tolerance roll slitting, highlight just a few of the fabricating techniques utilized in producing a wide variety of specialized products. Reilly Foam can also bond, sew, staple, hot melt or apply pressure-sensitive backings to adhere to your exacting requirements.

We continuously strive to achieve the maximum degree of consumer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. In relation to this aim, Reilly Foam has "partnered" with the most respected manufacturers in the foam industry, drawing on their expertise to insure the excellence of our fabricated products. This partnership affords our customers the utmost in confidence concerning our superior product line.

The modern, computerized foam slitters, presses and saws utilized by Reilly Foam to expertly fabricate your order are produced by some of the most respected machine makers in the industry, including Albrect Bäumer, Preco Industries, Inc.,Associated Pacific Machines and Fecken-Kirfel America, Inc.

Additionally, our highly trained and dedicated employees are some of the most knowledgeable persons in the foam industry. Working with you to solve problems and provide solutions, our staff might just surprise you with suggestions or functions that you may never have thought of. Uses for the diverse foam types we carry are practically endless. From household applications such as hand sponges and mops, to cosmetic applicators and accessories, and even more complex medical and food contact grade foam uses such as blood filters and bottle cap liners, Reilly Foam is your one source for a world of answers to your application questions.

To insure the quality and consistency of your order, Reilly Foam's Quality Assurance Department is ready to implement any testing procedure or address any quality issues that you may have. Various sampling techniques, statistical process controls and certifications are applied as prescribed and designed by you, the customer, for each individual application.

In short, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the maximum in quality materials, our unparalleled customer service, and the confidence that your order will be correct and of the highest caliber, every time.