I am a Disabled US Army Veteran married to a wonderful wife and father of three great kids. I currently live in Jersey City, N.J.

Not to long ago I was sitting at the same place you are probably sitting right now, not sure of what to do or how to start a business from home because I did not have any sense of direction, failing with MLM, wasting time and money, until I found a real company helping real people make real income profits from home.

With little Internet experience or computer skills I learned the secrets of how to use this simple home profit making system that allows anyone build a successful business online.

We are in over 180 countries and in over 50 languages and these people are using this to build profitable home businesses. We will show you how to leverage the use of Internet to make an income from home online, you will have a business coach and successful entrepreneurs working with you to make sure that you stay on track and help you achieve your desired financial goals.

We work with organizations and individuals alike in the industry of Internet Marketing for Online and Off-Line Businesses trying to create a solid future going forward into 2011. Today as you know having a Presence online and Branding yourself is key to long term success. We specialize in helping with Marketing, Branding Packages for Social Media and Main Stream Media as Websites and Blogs. We also educate you on how to become a Master Marketer so you can implement with your business or organizations.

Our extensive education includes but not limited to an Automatic Millionaire Pro University with a Veteran of over 20 years experience in this industry to educate you on finance, money, business strategies and financial prosperity.

We provide you with a Business in A Box Turnkey Business that includes all the marketing training, copy writing training, article writing training, thirty different income streams, and much more...

We are a community of successful entrepreneurs sharing our experience and knowledge to help others like you to achieve their own success. Not only will we educate you on how to put your profitable business together but we will also help you to start thinking like a successful entrepreneur as well which is critical to long term success.

These are some of the people we work with and help every single day in building and developing their dreams and visions.

Retirees, High School Dropouts, Landscapers, Construction Workers, Machine Operators, Teachers, College Professors, Chiropractors, Dentists, Retail Managers, Fast Food Employees, CEO's, Accountants, Stay At Home Moms, Network Marketers, Internet Marketers, Salesman, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Agents, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Computer Programmers, Full-Contact Fighters, Corporate Executives, Bartenders, Doctors, Truck Drivers, Nurses, Actors, Police Officers, Telemarketers, Day traders, Stockbrokers, Real Estate Investors, City Workers, Restaurant Managers, Waiters, Many More...

OUR MISSION: Create 100 Millionaires by 2012

Be A Part Of Success,

Reinaldo Lopez
Online Business Coach
Automatic Millionaire Pro U Alumni

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