Karen Card is a relationship expert and certified relationship coach. For more than 10 years, she has helped her clients get engaged, get married and find happiness through love. She is author of "MAN FACTS - 10 Facts Women Must Know about Men," “How to Get More Love” and “How to Get EVEN More Love.”

Karen has work with hundreds of individuals and has earned a 93% success rate for her clients that want to improve their relationships.

Sample of Actual Client Results:
J,     age 26 –     got engaged, got married
K,     age 37 –     got more physical intimacy
K,     age 38 –     met the right person, got engaged, got married
L,     age 39 –     got engaged, got married
P,     age 52 –     met the right person, moved in together

Karen is passionate about her work and helps people nationwide. She explains, “Healthy, loving relationships are an important part of a rich life and anyone can learn the skills to get the love they want.  With the help of relationship coaching and good communication, you can finally get the love you want.”