Passionate about appliances, people and the mitigation of waste streams through repair of major appliances.

This business is a critical piece of my vision of developing a consumer focused environmental impact reduction vertical. We serve communities in need, that have massive installed bases of white goods, in homes and businesses.

We are stopping, every day,  an emerging trend of short cycle life cycles for major household appliances is causing a global electronic and other waste byproduct's crisis. Groundwater is significantly at risk locally in Florida from local appliance "Dumps".

I saw this white goods waste product explosion in a previous career, and decided the most grassroots oriented way to impact this issue is to actually acquire a service company dedicated to keeping these products in service longer, and educating the consumer, face to face, and through well developed web content, about their options as consumers, and to show them the impact decisions about household appliance disposal and repair have on the environments we depend on.

Reliable Appliance Repair Service of Orlando is a long established service and repair entity that has serviced generations of households and business establishments here in the Orlando metro area, and surrounding communities. Turning a trade organization, such as Reliable, into the leading edge of an environmental services company, is a challenge.

We are having a real impact on our environment through participation in EPA initiatives,certifications and programs that have been a catalyst for our growth in our contracting industry trade. We serve multigenerational client's, often with strong inclinations to be more responsible in managing waste in their communities, and around the globe.

Electronic waste (E-Waste) is a significant issue here in Florida, as is the release of Ozone depleting refrigerants through improper recovery techniques and technologies.

We are striving to be industry, trade and thought leaders through contact with community members and stake holders most often impacted by the premature disposal of major appliances.

Orlando is a small city, with a big heart. We have made major inroads with local recycling and scrap metal dealers, to ensure that when we do condemn a product we find the appropriate waste mitigation solution for the components most likely to end up in local dumps and dumpsters.

We are a local company trying to impact a national and global consumption and disposal problem.

Education and development of a workforce with a new approach and attitude is also a primary goal of ours, as we continue to grow in our local area and expand to others. Facilitation of learning about technology and it's responsible management, is paramount as machines we use in our homes and businesses become more electronic and less mechanical.

Holding large multinational corporations accountable to support the technologies they develop and deploy into our communities, on a massive scale, is the back story for our industry. A disturbing and emerging trend of short repair cycles of appliances, due in large part to the fact that that companies do not support the repair parts, components or the trade that services their installed base of branded equipment.

This local focus on a national problem is helping to develop the framework for a much larger technology solutions company to serve the 'smart home' proliferation.

Building automation technologies,web enabled appliances, smart hub systems are all going to need well developed trade entities to ensure consumer branded companies have happy clients.

Reliable Appliance Repair Service of Orlando is working hard to accelerate the learning and educational development of local trades people and expand the trade through community partners, involved in providing small, growing businesses with talent eager to learn about "what's next" in consumer products and the building trades.

Our goals is always customer and environment first! We are always seeking network partners inside and outside our trade to help us advance our goals in the major appliance repair vertical.

I thank you for taking the time to read this description of my business and our goals in 2018 and beyond.

If anyone has any networking opportunities or wishes to discuss how we can serve more populations, better,please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly. Thank you.

Mark Arbeene, and the Reliable Team.