If you’re considering Remedy Communications, then there may be something wrong with your public relations/marketing program that you feel needs fixing.  Or maybe there isn’t and you just want a second opinion to make sure.  Either way, the team is here for a consultation.

Who is Remedy Right For?

When it comes to PR and social media support, many brands fall into a middle area where they don’t necessarily need or have the resources to engage a large agency, but do require the expertise and execution of senior-level team members. For these brands, consultancies such as Remedy can be a great fit.  Remedy provides top-level counsel, but also first-person knowledge of how to work the current media climate.

The people you meet during the new business phase of engaging Remedy are the people in the trenches executing your program.  We’re not a “training agency” and when you word with Remedy, your point of contact is one of the founders, not a team member with limited experience that doesn’t match up to their “supervisor” title.

Regardless of if a brand is looking for local support in San Diego, national exposure or a multi-level social media program, the Remedy Communications team has the experience.Remedy Communications is a collaboration of senior communications strategists, based in San Diego, but with local resources in New York City, San Francisco and Denver.

The genesis of Remedy is simple to explain. Time and again we heard from friends at various brands their PR or marketing firms and consultants were falling short. Truth be told, sometimes these brands were getting what they were paying for, but often either the outside firm/consultants failed to set expectations or otherwise just didn’t deliver.

Before engaging with a partner, Remedy likes to do a full review of their existing PR and social media programs to determine if we really can make a difference. When we can, we offer our remedy.