Ancient Ciphertext Reveals Secret Nostradamus Legend and Art of Coded Writing

The art of ciphertext is an ancient form of the permutation of letters, and has existed within various works of literature from ancient to modern times. What happens when three literary works of a 500-year old writer are fully deciphered to reveal a hidden legend? Read the full story for the very first time!

Michal Deschausses, an American born author, has decoded a ciphertext hidden in the ancient works of Nostradamus. Deschausses acknowledges that the various literary works of Nostradamus have long caused controversy and grave debate. She also states that using a proven, error-free method of deciphering that three large literary works of Nostradamus have been decoded that all tell the same hidden story. This is groundbreaking news for all scholars who have studied the Nostradamus material, as well as those interested in the ancient form of ciphering known as the permutation of letters. Not only a scientific and archaeological discovery, this decoded text relates a profound story. The mysterious legend is a non-fiction work, and anyone interested in the deepest, secret message of Nostradamus as well as those who are interested in the life of the human spirit will experience the revelation in this book!

In a recent interview Deschausses said, "The profoundly deep insinuations of the truths of prophecy; the ingenious workings of the higher mind in divine writings; tangible proof of the Divine order, and the Divine plan of heaven for all human life through the Law of God are among the many staggering impacts of this secret legend that provides ample evidence of the immortal life of the Spirit. More mind-boggling than Drosnin's work in The Bible Code, this work does not offer hints at deciphered code but instead a very exact science of the ancient, alchemical art of the permutation of letters with the deciphered legend bringing a bold, hidden message to humankind."

The detailed, exact method of deciphering is explained by the author who has made the full text available printing the original, multilingual verses of Nostradamus (the ciphertext), the deciphered verses in French, and an English translation. Rise to Consciousness - Volume Three of a Four Volume Series is now available at, AmazonKindle, Barnes & Nobles online, and the Outskirts Press online bookstore.

Rise to Consciousness - Volume Three of a Four Volume Series
First Edition - September, 2008 (348 pages)
Renaissance Publishing Enterprises & Outskirts Press
6.14 x 9.21 paperback, $18.95
ISBN: 9781432733858