Renters Warehouse is a property management company headquartered in Golden Valley, MN with a branch in Phoenix, AZ with plans to soon become a franchise. Renters Warehouse specializes in tenant placement, monthly property management and project management. Renters Warehouse is unique in that Brenton has created a niche market for the organization with unintentional landlords.  60% of the business is traditional property management for real estate investors and companies, however 40% is "unintentional landlords".  For people who are struggling during this tough economy to stay in their homes, Renters Warehouse services helps them keep their homes, rent them and create rental income thus reducing much of the stress that comes along with being a landlord.  

This year, Renters Warehouse will become the 4th ever franchise-able property management firm.  At age 25, owner Brenton Hayden, will be among the youngest franchisors in all of America by selling his Phoenix, Arizona franchise, edging out the founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk, Dominos Pizza, and the founders of Subway. The existing AZ location will be the first franchised location, and there is interest in CA, FL, CO, and WI. This will contribute to the positive growth and reputation in the Twin Cities because Renters Warehouse will become a recognizable brand. In doing so, they will become one of only 4 franchiseable property management firms in America.  

Brenton Hayden has been driven by making Renters Warehouse an absolute “no brainer” when it comes to choosing a property management firm with these innovative programs and offerings:
•     Free Tenant Warranty (industry first)
•     Eviction Protection Plan
•     Non-Exclusive Representation (industry first)
•     Zero cancellation fees
•     Flat fee pricing, versus percentage based.