Rentokil have been experts for over 80 years in dealing with over 250 different types of pests. From the most common Rodents to the rarest Insects, we are trained and experienced in recognising  the signs of pest activity, and how to stop any problems developing.

With over 600 well trained, experienced and professional Pest Control Technicians across the country we will always be local to you, ready to respond quickly to any pest problems you may face, at work or at home.

Specialist dedicated teams of Bird Control experts have the experience and the solutions to resolve any Bird pest problems with the minimum of fuss.

Whilst specialist High Dependancy Technical teams are on hand to meet the specific needs of Pharmaceutical & Food Manufacturers & Processors.

Our dedicated technical centre develops innovative, effective and clean technologies to prevent and remove pests in the most humane and environmentally friendly ways.

Such as our innovative & unique Mouse RADAR unit, which detects, captures, eradicates & isolates mice discreetly (for safe disposal) without the use of pesticides.

Or our wide range of Luminos electric Fly Killer units which not only effectively attract flying insects, but also encapsulates them, removing the risk of contamination.

We are also active members of the British Pest Control Association and the National Pest Technicians Association.