Here at ReptiPro we are proud to offer some of the highest quality reptile supplies and specimens available. Our Leopard Gecko bloodlines include Ron Tremper and Urban Gecko stock while our Super "Cherry Bomb" Marbled Cherry Head Tortoises come from Tom Crutchfield's superior personal collection.

Be sure to check out our all new Digital Reptile Incubator. The ReptiPro 5000 has heating and cooling capability so it will keep your eggs at the exact temperature you desire no matter what the surrounding temperature is. It also holds humidity very well and has increased our overall hatch rates by 25%. This reptile egg incubator also has a clear door for easy viewing of your precious eggs as well as a internal LED light so you can see what is going with your little guys.

If you are looking for a turtle egg incubator, tortoise egg incubator, snake egg incubator, or lizard egg incubator the ReptiPro 5000 is sure to get the job done! We here at ReptiPro use the ReptiPro 5000 as a leopard gecko incubator and absolutely love it. This unit has also been tested and approved for python egg incubation, colubrid egg incubation, bearded dragon egg incubation, boa egg incubation (yes sand boas lay eggs!), and many more.

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