Our enterprise grade cloud SaaS platform can help with, but is not limited to:
•     Digitalization - Do more, digitally transform your business automation.
•     Marketing - The Requestbox marketing template provides all that is required to manage marketing requests.
•     Membership - Keep track of current members with the Requestbox membership template
•     Service Desk - An easy way to support your customers
•     Compliance/Document Management - Track what compliance and other important documents you have, as well as where they are stored
•     Rights, Permissions & Royalties - Our copyright obtainment system allows for the organisation of copyright requests for any form of publication (be it text or multimedia - audio/video/images).
•     Lead Management - Stay up to date with current marketing and sales leads, as well as events
•     Physical Document Archiving - A simple way to keep track of what important documents are stored where.
•     Form Building - 'No code' bespoke webform creation.
•     User & Team Management - Maintain users and the teams they are in
•     Workflow Design & Build - Set up a new Requestbox in 10 steps
•     Reporting – Design, preview and automate running your own bespoke reports
•     Integration - Use the Requestbox Import and Export and API functionality
•     And more – We are adding more features and programming specific solutions so can for you

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