Founded in 2000, ResQSoft has built a reputation as a resourceful and reliable software development firm capable of undertaking large, complex, and often unconventional projects. Serving both the public and private sectors, we have a history of living up to our name (“Rescue-soft”) by providing professional development and consulting services on challenging projects to DoD and the Department of Education, as well as companies like Freddie Mac and GMAC.

ResQSoft’s success is based on a foundation of advanced technology and superior personnel. Our proprietary tool suite, ResQSoft® Engineer, enables us to leverage our development teams to develop and redevelop software in rapid fashion. The story of ResQSoft is a narrative of fresh methodologies meeting compelling technologies. The summary of this tale is, satisfied clients.

Legacy Modernization in Rapid Fashion

From the beginning, ResQSoft has been focused on the science of rapidly developing and redeveloping code. Rather than focusing on a few languages, our approach is to look at code generically, as a great deal of that code is used to create the same types of business, MIS, and integration applications. Using the logic that many applications are simply a collection of data, viewed and manipulated through a user interface and then distributed via reports or external interfaces, we created a technology that could accommodate any language – old or new – and that could be extended to very diverse kinds of applications.

With the enabling technology in place, ResQSoft created a modern methodology that respects the need for controls in software development/redevelopment projects, while greatly accelerating the process. Cutting normal schedules in half (or better) allows our clients to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing IT requirements. Just as importantly, ResQSoft’s methodology isn’t dependent upon an army of software engineers. Our technology, Engineer, drives the methodology by enabling one developer to do the work of five or more for many kinds of tasks. The end result is enormous cost and time savings, along with low defect rates from reusable code.

At ResQSoft, high performance, rapid delivery and best value pricing are ingrained professional habits. We can succeed for your organization, too!