Rescue Dogs 101 guides dog parents through every step of their dog journey... from finding the perfect dog to adopt for their family, to bringing him home and raising him to become the dog of their dreams. And if things don’t go as planned and they realize their dog has “issues”, we will be here to help them get back on track to raising their perfect dog.

I educate dog owners on which training techniques, tools, and products to choose to keep their dog happy and healthy. Through this education, we can stop dogs from being abandoned and surrendered to shelters.  

I am a mom to two dogs, Ginger and Bear. Plus, a foster dog usually makes three running around.

I am married, and a mom of two college-aged boys and a 10-year old girl that shares my passion for dogs.

After fostering for several years, I realized so many dogs are getting surrendered for crazy reasons. Most of these situations can be avoided, so I started the Rescue Dogs 101 blog in hopes to educate people and help them in their journey with their dog so they can live a long happy life together.