Resort Consulting Group offers a full spectrum of services spanning:

* Market Assessments                
* Financial Feasibility Studies      
* Resort Operations                    
* Tourism Planning
* Marketing
* Financial Analysis
* Branding and Positioning
* Distressed Asset Review
* Transaction-Related Due Diligence

We partner with our clients and work as a team with land planners, architects, developers, investors, and government officials to solve complex issues by offering strategic guidance that is market-driven, financially viable, realistic, and based on
decades of experience in the resort and tourism industries.

RCA has substantial experience working on large-scale destination ski, beach, and golf resort developments with residential and commercial real estate; destination resort hotels and condo-hotels; private clubs; and leisure recreation facilities.  RCA provides critical market insights to the land planners, architects and developers for identifying land use and market potential of a proposed development parcel or expansion opportunity.

Our resort real estate services include:

* Market and Site Assessments – RCA assesses the potential appeal of a subject site for development, expansion and/or re-positioning to provide the market transparency and insights that enable real estate investors and developers to maximize the value
of their land use opportunities.  Development recommendations based on:

              -Absorption and Consumer Demand Studies
              -Competitive Analysis – real estate, recreation & amenities
              -Geo-Demographic Target Buyer Profiles
              -Product Positioning and Pricing Review
            -Regional Economic & Tourism Conditions

*Feasibility Studies – building on the market assessment findings, RCA conducts detailed financial analysis and pro forma projections that enables investors and developers to better understand the financial impact of various phasing, unit configuration, pricing, sales velocity, and programming scenarios. RCA provides recommendations on pricing, size, unit mix, amenities, target markets, and competitive positioning to best meet the goals of the investors and stakeholders.

*    Market Research – RCA provides accurate interpretation of market and lifestyle trends; insightful details on the geo-demographics factors for consumer demand of a region or property type; and incisive consumer research from surveys, focus groups, and data mining of third party research.

RCA, by working with the design planning team as an iterative process, provides the insights and recommendations to ensure that the overall master plan development, expansion plan, or repositioning program is formulated to provide market-driven solutions with realistic financial projections.

Tourism Services:

*  Strategic Destination Planning and Development  – RCA works with key stakeholders to agree on the long-term vision of tourism and the emergent strategies required to deliver on that vision. RCA also provides macro and micro econometric
models that reflect visitation relative to tourism facilities, amenities, and services so as to balance capacity and visitation.

* Market Plans – we develop relevant, actionable, and creative marketing programs for destinations, large and small, for both public and private sector users. We focus on integrated tourism planning for visitation growth through cost-effective Internet, public relations, event, and partnership promotion as well as targeted advertising and travel trade programs.  

* Ski, Golf, Tennis, & Marina Resort Operations – these types of integrated resorts are highly complex and require precise coordination of the recreational offerings and amenities with the lodging, F&B, spa and retail operations; as well as with the sales and marketing efforts. RCA intimately understands these inter-dependencies and can provide the strategic and tactical management to improve the bottom-line financial success while enhancing the customer experience.

* Hotel & Condo Operations – we review all areas of hotel operations, sales and marketing, organizational effectiveness, guest satisfaction, home owner relations, and financial performance to provide recommendations for operational improvements, branding and re-positioning, turn-around opportunities, capitalization, and management recruiting and/or restructuring to optimize profitability and growth.

* Brand Strategy – RCA can help owners and operators evaluate the pros and cons of various branding opportunities and the related franchise contracts in order to recommend the best solution for the property and stakeholders’ goals.

* Market Research – RCA provides insightful market research services to support operating, branding, and marketing strategy decision making.