Vacation-(dash)Renting.com is a new web presence extending to the internet the same services they have been providing locally  for the past 6 years. Based in London, Ontario, Canada, During this time, Baud Marketing Enterprises has been marketing and renting for 100's of vacation resorts on a local basis to the general public and through join ventures with regional corporations and organizations.
On the first phase of the site launching we are only offering a partial last minute rentals sell-off lists.
These are mainly resort lodging being offered at reduced rates for quick rental. Listed to rent within 4 to 8 weeks, they create a win win situation for both the consumer by providing the opportunity to rent and experience the resort at much lower cost and to the resort unit owner or manager by renting a unit that would other ways be empty.
New listings are being added on a regular basis and are updated on a weekly basis.
The second phase, planned to launch in January 2010 will include regular listings for resort rental at market rates. At this stage, owners and managers can list their properties for rent.
What sets us apart from other sites are among others, the exclusivity of resort lodging rentals without the "timeshare" concept. Timeshare owners can advertise their ownership week for rent (not for exchanges) a few weeks or a few months prior to the rental date and turn it off once rented.
Listing fees are per week and owners / managers only pay for the weeks used. The listing details will stay archived, making it easy to turn it on and off as required. Also management has the option of either using the full capabilities of the site such as booking calendar, reservations etc. or have the units listed with the solo goal of additional presence and exposure by capitalizing on our marketing efforts but having all the prospects redirected to their own or main promotional website to facilitate and centralize communication and reservations. It is our goal to work with the resort management industry to become a specialized hub for resort only lodging rentals.
For additional information or business proposals / opportunities, please contact us