About Us:
We are owners of  many Global Timeshare Resort properties across the globe. We can book you a resort anywhere in the world. We have used our Timeshare Resorts resources to make these reservations. As such we pay for and reserve these accommodations for the period requested in your description. The purchaser of this rental will be named as our guest with Global Timeshare Resorts and enjoy all rights to these accommodations.

To purchase this suite please contact us and state you would like to rent a suite. We will confirm availability and then send you a invoice stating exactly what you are purchasing.

THE PURCHASE PRICE IS ALL YOU PAY. The price includes suite rental, taxes, the Timeshare guest fee, parking and condo cleaning upon departure. Price and Location may vary  during Holiday Season.
Upon Payment we will add you, or the person you name, as our guest. Guest confirmations and all needed documentation and directions will be e-mailed within 1 business day of receiving payment