Responsible Travel is an activist holiday company and publisher, founded in 2001. We offer almost 6,000 trips across more than 180 countries, from 479 large and small specialist travel companies around the world - from UK-based Explore Worldwide and Exodus Travels to Montenegro-based Undiscovered Balkans and Chinkara Journeys in India. We’ve published more than 740 online travel guides and articles.

We screen each trip and every potential partner against our responsible tourism criteria and policies. All our holidays share the aim of creating better places to live in and to visit. We’ve been campaigning for positive change in the tourism industry for more than two decades.
Our pioneering business model matches travellers with great holidays - putting them in direct contact with our partners who run them. Our partners then voluntarily declare any bookings that follow - a giant honesty box that's been going strong since 2001.