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What we offer in our restaurant billing software

Restro Engine POS system is a full featured software for all our customer with user friendly interface to save your valuable time.

1.Touch Screen Interface
Cloud-based touch POS (Point Of Sale) system deliver a great customer experience and efficient restaurant billing with the touch of your fingers. POS systems are replacing traditional cash registers because of its functionality. It’s that easy!

2.GST Report
We are providing full-featured cloud-based best Online Point of Sale software with GST. The user friendly interface helps to manage generating reports for GST filing. Secured billing & Integrated accounting for smooth GST filing. Way to make sales today!

3.Billing Management
Speed up billing operations! Billing and Invoicing to customer satisfaction and a successful subscription business, is to have a customer billing management system that automates your billing and gives customers what & how they want it.

3.User Rights
Is a one of the key feature of Restroengine system to provide a specific privilege that collects all of the roles and permissions. A user can easily manage his record with modern POS system.

Feedback management feature collects accurate customer feedback in real time, automatically send email and messages to the relevant department when a customer gives a feedback.

The customer can exchange the coupon to avail the offer. The customer needs to show the SMS to avail the offer. Applicable only on the items available at the store on that particular day or as mentioned in the coupon or SMS etc.

6.Graphical Data Analyze
Shows you what information you can gain from graphical displays. It provides real-time sales reports and email. Data report can see in a graphical view to easily manage and understand.

Complimentary is another feature of the system or we can say is an additional feature. You can easy to track new discounts coupons and offers if available. Increasing customer loyalty. Something that completes the whole.

8.Stock Management
Is a well-functioning stock management system keeps stock costs under control and helps to achieve positive cash flow. This will increase purchasing efficiency and reduce delays in new inventory orders. We provide a full service.