For over 12 years RMS have been providing operations teams with software tools to manage their distributed businesses. RMS can connect your organisation by providing your team with tools that enable visibility and deliver targeted and personalised information to both employees and shoppers.

We enable employees to receive, process and respond to communications in the minimum amount of time, enabling them to focus on value add and customer facing activities. Additionally we provide ticketing and signage management software designed to simplify and promote products, brands and value at the shelf edge.

Our software is cloud based, configurable, scalable, quick to implement and can integrate with your internal systems using standard API's. RMS integrate to eCommerce, ERP and EPoS solutions to either present data from, or collect and collate, to pass to. Our solutions can be accessed on any browser enabled device, from tablets, smart phone, PC or kiosk.

Our solutions are used by some of the high streets most impressive operators who are constantly demonstrating innovation, success, growth and profitability.