In the UK, separate faucets for hot and cold water are a phenomenon that the internet has long been raging about. It continues to baffle many tourists, international students and expats that come to the British Isles. Articles and blog posts have been written about it, videos posted on Youtube and occasionally the topic would spark a heated debate that would get out of control.

Retromixer, which stands for retrofitted mixer for separate taps, is an inexpensive mixing adapter that is easy and quick to install, compatible will all kinds of spout shapes and adjustable to different distances between the two faucets. Unlike many DIY solutions, it is made of materials resistant to high temperature and certified for contact with drinking water. By connecting the two water streams, Retromixer reduces water consumption by up to 50%. Implementing recycled materials in the design is also improving its sustainability. Sustainability of the design helped the startup secure a place at Low Carbon Ideas Lab, an incubator at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

The company, Retromixer Ltd., was founded by two friends Denny and Artur in Edinburgh in November 2015. Artur was in the final months of his Master’s at the University of Edinburgh when he offered Denny, also an engineer, to work on the project. After completing a thorough market analysis and developing first prototypes, Adrianna joined the team to help with graphic design and branding. Stephanie, a sought-after product designer, improved the aesthetics and ergonomics of the product.