Do More With Your Pictures

Babylon, NY, January 2, 2012– Retrospect Slideshows, a business that provides the service of affordable slide shows to the general public, announces its re-launch with a new website and new, creative slideshow effects and transitions.  The website provides free membership so that anyone can upload pictures, manage their galleries, and purchase slideshows that they can share on the internet or on any device.

“Retrospect Slideshows is a slideshow company like no other, with effects and transitions you have never seen before,” said owner, Krissi McVicker.  Owner, Kathi Flynn added, “People upload and share pictures all the time to many different social media sites and on their phones and tablets.  Retrospect Slideshows allows you to do more with your pictures and still share them with everyone in a really unique way.”  
Retrospect Slideshows is easy and fun.  You just upload your pictures, pick out a song or two and a few other customizations like pace and titles, and then within a few days, you have a slideshow to present to your friends, family, and followers.  The best part is the shows are affordable, starting at just $14.99.  You can also have a digital copy of your show in addition to a hard copy on a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. Once you see the demo on the website, you’ll want to personalize a show of your own!

Upon their re-launch, Retrospect Slideshows is giving away 500 silver package shows to anyone who is willing to spread the word through email or social media including liking and posting on Facebook, following and tweeting on Twitter, subscribing and sharing on YouTube, or blogging and featuring the business on another website.  Further Giveaway details are on the website.

Retrospect Slideshows, Inc., founded in 2008, started with a website and the ability to give the general public DVD slideshows for momentous occasions. Now, with new featrures and effects, and the ability to download digital shows to share with everyone, Retrospect Slideshows is re-launching its business.  The goal is to do more with your pictures.  Continue to upload, continue to share, but now, in a whole new way!

"You make the memories, we'll make them unforgettable."

For more information, contact:
Kathi Flynn
Krissi McVicker