Mabata Inc. started as a boutique F&B business, established in 2018 in Nova Scotia and aspiring to expand globally. Mabata is an importer / exporter and online retail partner with a primary focus on international food, beverages and health. Recently, Mabata also expanded its portfolio to include investments into aquaponics and sustainable farming practices.

In 2019, Mabata launched its first flagship concept farm-to-table restaurant in Halifax, NS. A new contemporary globally inspired eatery with ocean views of the Bedford basin, offering a menu of premium sharing dishes, wines and cocktails as well as a Caviar and Sturgeon experience. Shortly after, Mabata was nominated for 9 local and international awards and won the Savour Food & Wine Festival 2019 Award for Best Food.

In October 2020, as a response that aims to help limit the spread of Covid-19 within Canadian communities, Mabata launched www.ReusableGuard.com, an online store dedicated to offer world-class certified protective devices for individuals.

Mabata focuses on working with and supporting like-minded partners and local small businesses to grow and build a more sustainable future together.