Directly connecting companies and consumers, Review.Network will transform the way companies do market research. A heavily segmented and targeted user community will be rewarded with the project’s native cryptocurrency, the REW, when replying to surveys & reviewing products and services. The network uses blockchain and AI sentiment analysis technologies to ensure a safe and honest exchange of valued data, providing up-to-the-second information available to companies and consumers in an uncensored feedback loop.

Review Network closed phase 1 of pre-registered users with over 25,000 sign-ups.
Review Network finished the seed investor phase with $1.25 million Euro raised.
The next investment phase runs until Aug 1st with a minimum investment of 50ETH with higher supporting bonuses at 300ETH for larger interested parties.

Disrupting the Market Research & Review Industries
Review Network removes the need for third-party market research companies, instead giving businesses direct up-to-the-minute access into the minds of the community of their diligent and verified users. Users earn REW’s by filling out market research surveys, as well as proving validated online reviews. From a usability standpoint, Review Network’s smart recommendation system will allow users to find the best products and services quicker and easier than ever, while providing incredibly valuable data to companies.

Companies are in constant need of market research, often overspending to receive skewed results. Review Network on the other hand gives companies direct insights into the specific demographics they need in order to improve their products or services for a greater overall customer experience. Review Network is creating a mechanism for seamless cooperation between parties on a mass scale.

Our crowd-sourced platform will have similarities to top review sites and social networks in the sense that users will review hotels, restaurants, and much more, but it will differ from their platform as all of our data will be tamper proof and immune to favoritism to advertisers due to our usage of blockchain technology.

Problem Solved
Review Network is decentralizing market research and online reviews by solving the problem of slow and expensive market research for companies by providing democratized data that lives on the blockchain, untampered and pure, free of censorship.

A Social Network That Rewards You For Your Reviews
As a free service that counts billions of users across the world, , social networks are used daily to give away critical market research for free! With the data breaches on Facebook that have come to light recently, users are more aware than ever of the immense value that their data offers. Under Review Network’s model, users are able to show the community their value and profit from it.

Get Rewarded for Your Data - Meet the REW
The native token of the Review Network platform is called the REW, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is a fully ERC 20 compliant utility token.

Review Network’s token-based reward system guarantees participation from the community as users are being rewarded for comprehensive, timely, high-quality feedback. When companies use the Review Network platform, they’ll have access to live, up-to-the-second results as well as forecasts and other pertinent information. The demographic information filtering system benefits all parties while data privacy is guaranteed. Review writers voluntarily share demographic information in return for a higher monetary reward, meaning that review readers receive trusted and tailored reviews based on personal preferences such as age, gender, location, or qualification.

The REW Token and An Intro into the World of Crypto
By earning our REW crypto token for their participation in the community, doing things they already do, we’ll be inviting a whole new segment of the population who are truly virgins in the crypto world that will suddenly find themselves with REW tokens. The demographic for our users is EVERYONE, because we value ALL opinions. This creates an opportunity for people skeptical of investing money into the crypto world to earn tokens that have the potential to gain in value. During this initial phase, the REW will be tradeable on crypto exchanges (still being negotiated at present).

Phase 2 will see Review Network aggressively targeting and partnering with top companies around the world who will in turn accept REW as payment for goods and services that are currently being reviewed on the network.

“I’m really excited for what’s to come because the company has unlimited potential. Review.Network, through the creation of a self-sustained community, will offer the ability to transform the way the market research industry is being run, not to mention it will bring direct value to everyone’s data, by rewarding you for it!” - Matt Yano, CMO.