Revive is at the cutting edge of 3rd generation maintenance and remote monitoring and Intelligent Facilities Management. We now have a solution to provide real-time data collection from your assets, which can send the data back via GPRS (mobile phone technology) to a web server which can forward the information to a virtual control room anywhere in the world!

This allows full visibility of not only asset performance but also operational performance of buildings, public areas etc. This gives the operational team visibility of HOW the area is performing but also to target essential resources to the required area and negate the need for needless routine visits.

In terms of maintenance decisions the technology enables you to real-time monitor your critical/priority assets 24/7 and via the condition based monitoring you can start to predict and prevent failure of assets during operation periods and improve your asset availability.

Recent projects have increased asset availability to 99.8% and the totally proactive maintenance regime has reduced maintenance costs by as much as 60%.

This has been achieved by a mixture of tailoring maintenance to the critical assets when required and reducing needless routine visits. Also, the increased reliability realises bottom line savings on the maintenance budgets.

Using traffic light colour coding, we can quickly and efficiently show in real-time the condition of any asset across the facility operation totally wirelessly, this provides cost efficient infrastructure that is expandable for the future!

Environmental Credentials

It’s increasingly important that every company has as much information as possible to meet its environmental requirements.

Revive prides itself on its' ability to really bring home the impacts made on the environment and provide data and solutions to drive down energy consumption.

We currently have the technology to provide energy & water consumption used in small areas such as shop units to large arenas such as sports grounds, airports etc.

We can provide real time, cumulative data to bring intelligent solutions to the operational teams.

Where has this been utilised ??:
So far we have utilised this technology in a number of key challenging FM arenas. To deliver not only the bottom line savings but just as importantly to increase the performance of key operational areas.

Areas utilised already are:

Airport terminals (complete FM management including check in areas, retail space, departure lounges)
Retail spaces- shop unit management
Shopping Malls
Corporate HQ’s
Asset areas commonly utilised for TPM:

HVAC- Full TPM and control improvements
Passenger conveyors
Washroom & Toilet management (Data to drive cleaning regimes)
Any gearboxes
Any conveyors
Belt drive systems
Water consumption
Energy consumption
Wash Room & Toilet Management

A recent innovation from Revive. We can install a full management system that can provide real time data on toilet and rest areas that track odour and provide data on exactly when an area needs cleaning. This can be utilised with the cleaning teams to assess cleaning regime impact and also customer satisfaction.

In heavy public usage areas this technology has radically changed the way in which they are managed as well as customer satisfaction scores.

Our Services:

Operational Management
Value Added Services
Service Desk
Intelligent Facilities Management comprises full (or part) integration of Operational Management (Hard FM); Service Desk requirements (Soft Fm); and Value Added Services and Technologies. Our thinking integrates all three disciplines under a single strategic body, which leads to a reduction in your operating costs, reduction in your carbon footprint and step change in your operational efficiency.

We are flexible and sensitive in supporting your infrastructure, working with your teams to design and provide a solution specific to your business requirements. We achieve the best results by gaining economies of scale, de-conflicting services and providing a simple ‘One Stop Shop’.

We believe in a structured approach to presenting key information, which we do by implementing a tailored made ‘Control Room’ to operate your facility. The contents of the ‘Control Room’ can be specifically adapted to track issues that will provide appropriate evidence of how your facility is operating, which can be shared with different audiences within your business.