Reward Our Troops - Connecting Our Troops Beyond Limits!

RewardOurTroops.com acts as an advocate and conduit between our troops and the local business community. We search for and showcase businesses that want to give discounts to our troops. In support of this effort, Reward Our Troops is offering a 1 year FREE unlimited posting and sign up to all businesses, all military members and supporters of our troops with absolutely no obligation to you. JOIN TODAY!

Our Goal: To provide our troops with a directory of local, troop-friendly businesses that can be trusted and relied upon, in all areas of business at 223 troops installations across the US, while providing the best possible troop social network via RewardOurTroops.com. To help us reach our goal of providing the largest sets of local Troops discounts and offers on the Web, we give businesses the ability to create a web page with a troop discount reward.

Reward Our Troops Web site was founded by Master Chief David Teemer USN retired and Master Chief Andrew Gibbs USN retired and is owned and operated by City Media Group LLC.®